Rental Conditions

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Rental Conditions
Rental Period
The minimum rental period is 24 hours.
Delays over 3 hours in total full-time fee .

Long Term Leases
For long term rental of minimum rental period is 30 days. Special rates apply . For information on rental rates and conditions +90322363 55 59 and +90 532 333 32 68 The Gizem of the phone number you can call the main office Rent A Car .

One- Way Rental
Taken delivery of the vehicle from the city for another city if the return of the rental period , regardless of the one way fee will be applied. One way you can call our main office for fee information .

Receiving Vehicle - Vehicle Disposition
Adana Airport and Central in our office any time of day , vehicle delivery and customer vehicles to be delivered free of charge.

Driving Permit Age of Use
For all Group vehicles at least 25 years of age , and must have completed two years are required to have a valid driver's license , national or international .

additional Driver
Other than a tenant of the vehicle by someone else to use , but your driver's license and age according to the rules of the drives current ID and driver's license of the contract with a record mümkündür.başk of registration, and registration of the non- drive made ​​by determined that if insurance becomes invalid.

Rates Include Non-Issues
Rates right to use unlimited mileage vehicles , vehicle maintenance and insurance costs are included.
Fuel, bridges, toll fees, traffic fines and extra insurance (Theft Protection, Rubber , Glass, Group), one way fee tools to deliver and pick-up fees, child seats, navigation device, the extra demands and Value Added Tax (KDV) Rates is not included.

Lease payment of fees by Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted.
Traffic Fines
Traffic laws in Turkey 120 miles on motorways and trunk roads, 90 km and 50 km speed allowed in inner cities vermektedir.park parking ban signs while you sleep .

And the tenant's failure to comply with traffic laws will apply to defects that may arise from the movement of traffic fines and legal responsibility belongs to the tenant . Mystery Car Rent A Car After allowing traffic fines reaching to the tenant and the relevant amount will be reflected as cash or credit card ( mail order) is charged with the tenant .

Drivers of vehicles due to defects , picture, or cause to be kept by the local authorities will pass with time , during the contract period will be accepted.

Other Services
Luxury Car and Driver needed for transfer requests, you can call the Mystery Rent A Car . +90 322 363 55 59 and +90 532 333 32 68
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW )
Mystery Rent a Car rented from the use of tools and all responsibility for damages that may arise during the aittir.has to the tenant 's liability insurance, tenant and property damage arising out of the use of guarantees .

Theft Protection ( TP)
Tenants rented vehicle with this insurance may cover against theft .

Rubber-Glass - Shadow Insurance ( HTW / LCF )
Tenants wills with this insurance , automobile insurance not covered by insurance , the tire splitting , glass, lights may cover damages that may arise from breaking .

Important Note:
Damage arising from the use of the tools found on the license , traffic set, plates etc., internal, external hardware damage not covered by insurance . Within 48 hours of the accident report should be sent Gizem Rent A Car .

Vehicles belonging to the lessor in Turkey applicable laws and insurance regulations with mandatory and optional insurance is secured . Does not require the tenant to pay an extra premium for the mandatory Liability Insurance with Rent A Car vehicle involved in the accident Mystery 3 except using the drive treatment costs of persons with disability, death and property damage expenses within the limits drawn by the law are met.
Gizem of the following except compulsory insurances Rent A Car insurance offers to customers upon request . Tenants pay an extra daily charge and accepted on the front of the contract by signing the box can benefit from the guarantees described in this section .

All of insurance to be valid ;
To comply with all traffic laws and rules ,
Poor use and full Lack defective ,
Vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs used ,
Kullanılmamams outside of the vehicle to the legal speed limit ,
Alcohol and traffic reports before the vehicles were moved, at the latest, within 48 hours Mystery Rent A Car has to be received ,
Driver of the lease agreement to be registered with ,
Should not be granted a license to drive the vehicle . Otherwise, the insurance will be void and the tenant will be liable for all damages . Also , Mystery Rent a Car officials, authorized traffic and local law enforcement officials misleading statements there and vehicles closed to traffic and prohibited areas by using excessive freight and passenger transport insurance for automatic cancellation of will cause . As soon as an accident; +90322363 55 59 - +90 532 333 32 68 phone calls to emergency service numbers and notice is mandatory.

Gizem Rent A Car price conditions reserves the right to change, without notice .